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Drew Estate Smoking Monk Ipa Connecticut Toro

Item # 5PF-PM-1389
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Drew Estate ingeniously invented a cigar line called Smoking Monk that embody the same great flavors of different style beers. Jonathan Drew enjoys his beer as much as his cigars and infused the two for a tasty cigar line up. Whether you prefer rich, dark porters and stouts or enjoy a lighter Hefeweizen, there’s a cigar by Drew Estate to pair to each liking including IPA. A medium-bodied, IPA delivers a unique profile of smoky sweet flavors, hints of pepper, fruit, and oak for a delicious experience. The next time you’re in the mood for an IPA you should be double-fisting with cigar and beer in hand. Stock up on these mouthwatering cigars in 5-packs, and save when you buy any other brand 5-pack here at Thompson Cigar.