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Good Days Factory Rejects Maduro Toro

Item # GTM-MM-1003
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Good Days Factory Rejects Maduro Toro (6" x 50) cigars provide the aficionado with an excellent cigar smoking experience for a fantastic, low price. Good Days Factory Rejects cigars retain their high quality and sell for such a low price because these cigars are factory seconds. In other words, these are the cigars that would have made it into the boxes of top shelf brands if they would have passed quality control. This doesn’t mean that Good Days cigars sacrifice the cigar smoking experience. It just means that they had small blemishes or other imperfections that kept them from being boxed with boutique and premium brands. These smokes use quality Dominican tobaccos and delicious, Maduro wrappers that combine to produce the type of wonderful, complex flavors that comes from excellent aged tobacco. These cigars are perfect for aficionados who can ignore a spot or two on the wrapper for a true, top shelf cigar smoking experience.