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Villano Black Lighter And Cutter Combo

Item # JLDORADO-SP-1000
This item is no longer available for purchase.
Jetline Villano Quad Torch Lighter: Any fan of big-ring cigars needs a powerful lighter that’s up for the challenge of lighting up a behemoth premium, and that’s where Jetline’s Villano Quad Torch Lighter comes in. Featuring four jet flames, this lighter is packed with power and precision ensuring an even light every time on your big-ring delights. The sliding ignition mechanism makes it easy to light your cigars, and an easy to read fuel window lets you know when you need to reload your lighter. Combined with an extra punch cutter, the Jetline Villano Quad Torch Lighter is everything you need to enjoy your large sized cigars, and at the great price it’s a must-have accessory.