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Boveda Humi-Pack 72% Humidity 60-Gram HumidificationBoveda Humi-Pack 72% Humidity 60-Gram4 Options  Only $3.99-$349.99  Shop Now
Xikar 4oz Gel Jar HumidificationXikar 4oz Gel Jar 4 Ounce Jar $11.99$7.99save $4.00In Stock
Humi-Care Hx10 Crystal Gel Humidification Humi-Care Hx10 Crystal Gel Humidification  $20.00$9.99save $10.01In Stock
Boveda Humi-Pack 69% Humidity 60-Gram HumidificationBoveda Humi-Pack 69% Humidity 60-Gram4 Options  Only $3.99-$349.99  Shop Now
Boveda Humi-Pack 75% Humidity 60-Gram HumidificationBoveda Humi-Pack 75% Humidity 60-Gram4 Options  Only $3.99-$349.99  Shop Now
Xikar 16oz Solution 2-Pack HumidificationXikar 16oz Solution 2-Pack 2 x 16 Ounce Bottle $29.95$24.95save $5.00In Stock
Xikar 16oz Solution HumidificationXikar 16oz Solution 16 Ounce Bottle  $14.95 In Stock
Xikar Crystal Humidifier HumidificationXikar Crystal Humidifier Capacity of 250 $24.99$20.99save $4.00Backordered
Tc Crystal Humidifier 50 & Solution HumidificationTc Crystal Humidifier 50 & Solution Cigar Accessory Sampler $34.95$19.95save $15.00Backordered
Le Veil Dch-12v1 Digital Cigar Humidifier HumidificationLe Veil Dch-12v1 Digital Cigar Humidifier Humidification $99.00$89.99save $9.01Backordered
Thompson Solution Plus HumidificationThompson Solution Plus Humidification $34.95$19.95save $15.00Backordered
Tc Crystal Humidifier 100 & Solution HumidificationTc Crystal Humidifier 100 & Solution Cigar Accessory Sampler $34.95$19.95save $15.00Backordered
La Veil Dch-210 Humidifier HumidificationLa Veil Dch-210 Humidifier Humidification $130.00$99.99save $30.01Backordered
Le Veil Water Cartridge HumidificationLe Veil Water Cartridge Humidification  $14.95 Backordered